Quality Policy

It is the policy of sandRose to provide Quality Economical, Engineering and Construction Services to the customer's satisfaction. In order to achieve this Policy, the following shall be established and complied with:


  • Identify customer requirements, meet the requirements and carry out the services with team spirit.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable regulations and requirements regarding the services provided.
  • Provide efficient services to meet customer specifications and need by procuring the proper materials and maintaining equipment and necessary infrastructure in a high state of repair.
  • Recruit highly qualified staff and improve the skills, with necessary training, in order to maintain the quality of products and services that meet, or exceed, the customer expectations.
  • Optimize the performance and maintain strict monitoring of the project throughout its duration in order to meet the client requirements.
  • Continually identify, assess and implement the measures and steps that improve the company's Quality Management System.