Our Management

Corporate Values

To sustain its development, a company needs strong Corporate Values. This is the reason why sanRose's management and staff share the same core principles




Our human resources and knowledge will be devoted to create superior services with Integrity. Our commitment is to provide services to client's needs efficiently with renewed emphasis on our dynamic future.




We share a passion for construction and a pioneering spirit; unsurprisingly, we like to undertake technical challenges so that we can give the best of us and lead the construction industry towards innovative construction methods and materials.




We consider Quality as a must in every aspect of our business: materials, works, management, relationships, education… This concern is deep in the heart of every member of our company as we always have in mind our customers' satisfaction.




We will always mobilize all our means and competencies to successfully achieve every given project. Financially, technically as well as from the management point of view, we commit ourselves to the objectives assigned by our customers.




We are determined to play a responsible role in the construction industry; therefore we consider the sustainability of our organization in all the decisions taken by sandRose's Management and the actions carried by our staff.